Non classé

Some thoughts far from Greece

Never stop: dream, work, take a rest, play with kids, meet friends, stay alone, travel, keep going. I came back to my home country for a few weeks. I have not seen the sun for two weeks already, and Kyiv is so dark, and the days are so short. My dear little friend Leo, 5 years old, asks me after his siesta, if it is already night or just evening…

When I am alone here, this dull sentiment of sorrow comes so close. These moments I think Paris is the best place to escape the so called negative emotions, because you work all the time, and there’s no leisure. Kyiv is wonderful because you see here people dear to you. Greece is different: your doing nothing is full of sun, you are different emotionally and physically, you stay with nature, in the real, your attention in turned into the real, instead of the continuous escapades from it into the digital.

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