Habits have to be changed

You are what you eat

Since December 17, 2018, I’ve enjoyed liberty from my everyday work at Mavrommatis, liberty from the Greeks-in-Paris, liberty from my gastronomic passion I satisfied every day at Mavrommatis – Chypriote vegetarian sandwich.

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half self-made sandwich

Now I’ve got so much spare time (temporarilly, because I am looking for another job), and it’s a great pleasure. THIS is really, divinely Greek: NOT to work (work is the slaves’ and merchants’ business only). Well, while I’m a perfect Greek noble woman having nothing to do but enjoy her leisure, I think to seriously change my nutritional habits. The daily 75% of herbs and fresh vegetables.

Here’s the second day of my serious intentions:

P.S. Sorry. The ingredients are as follows: spinach, persil, mint, coriander (70%), 1/5 avocado, 1 red pepper, ginger, 1/5 lime, salt, water

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Death metal day

I would describe this day at Mavrommatis as the “death metal”: furious hunger, crowds of clients. Where were they yesterday??? The scroogest of the scrooge left something. 4 euros for me + 3 Melina + 2 Djibrine + 2 Ammara + 1,5 Raluca + 2 Mamadou + 1,5 Mila.

After I finished I handed my letter saying that I quit this job. Vassilis, my boss, asked me why. Because, I say, my exhaustion is THAT BIG while my salary is that small. He did not try to negotiate nor asked me to change my opinion, nor promised to find a solution.

Chloe and Melina – Lumière and Black Beauty – really, sincerely regret I’m leaving… I understand, you do what you want, but I already miss you so much! told me Melina… the girl who criticized me all these three months!

I love them too. I’ll miss them too…


Greek food and French habits

26/11/2018: such a humid and grey day… Almost all of the French people who came for a lunch at Mavrommatis Passy ate KREATOPITA, a meat pie (meat wrapped in phyllo)! That’s what astonish me every time: they don’t know what others eat or have eaten and they order the same thing! my hypothesis is that the tastes and needs are directly linked to the weather.

Now you can cook kreatopita on your own, and follow the French example.

Another example: there was an epidemics of stuffed aubergines eating when the hot and sunny weather abruptly finished and changed for the cold one.

Today, after 4 hours work, I’ve got the tips: 7 euros and 42 cents for me + 4 euros for 2 people, Amara and Christos, who helped me with preparing the dishes.

I like this job; and still I think 630 euros per month is not enough. This amount would be OK if paid for one week.

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Talagani cheese

Ταλαγάνι. We’ve discovered talagani from Messenia, Peloponnese. It is very good, not so salty, elastic, edible with anything you might imagine (coffee, honey, for instance). A bit expensive: more than 14 euros for 1 kg; 3.40 euros for these 2 slices, or “fetas”, as the Greeks say). We bought it in Kritikos supermarket in Karystos in 2017; the next year, unfortunately, Kritikos did not have it any more.

Non classé

My part-time job

Meanwhile, I work at Mavrommatis Trocadéro. As a waitress. Who has to take care of about theoretically 36 people/18 tables simultaneously. I was hired 3-4 weeks ago. Some days are extremely hot hot hot, just because the weather in Paris is still sunny ))) and perhaps all the people are more hungry when the weather is wonderful…

Most of my colleagues are Greek, and we speak Greek, and it’s nice, I practice the language, I integrate into a new community, into a totally new sphere of life… I’m 40 years old in a few days, and it’s the first time that I try myself as a waitress… I seem to myself so fast over there, every day I do 5 kilometers around the tables and clients in 4 hours. Today I’ve run 7 km. Isn’t that a sign? Don’t I try too hard? Should I slow down? We were very few today, and I needed help… The Greek way, it’s the slow way. But we’re in Paris, man… There’s a collision. Running Greeks (forget ancient Olympia!)?! it’s not possible, it doesn’t work, so everything looks like a catastrophe. And it was a catastrophe today, but I am still laughing. The best way to cope with that, is the sense of humor.