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Death metal day

I would describe this day at Mavrommatis as the “death metal”: furious hunger, crowds of clients. Where were they yesterday??? The scroogest of the scrooge left something. 4 euros for me + 3 Melina + 2 Djibrine + 2 Ammara + 1,5 Raluca + 2 Mamadou + 1,5 Mila.

After I finished I handed my letter saying that I quit this job. Vassilis, my boss, asked me why. Because, I say, my exhaustion is THAT BIG while my salary is that small. He did not try to negotiate nor asked me to change my opinion, nor promised to find a solution.

Chloe and Melina – Lumière and Black Beauty – really, sincerely regret I’m leaving… I understand, you do what you want, but I already miss you so much! told me Melina… the girl who criticized me all these three months!

I love them too. I’ll miss them too…

food, France, Greece

Tips and names

Monday, December 10, 2018.

Quite a quiet day, but 8,5 euros tips for me + 5 euros shared.

People ate mostly mezes.

Do I work with the best girls ever? Seems like… But today I’ve told them I want to quit this job. Not enough money, too much time and energy; post-doctoral thesis to finish this year.

One Greek girl whose name is Melina calls me all the time Μαυρη Καλλονη, after the series Black Beauty: I remind her the black horse of the movie (despite I’m blond), so silent I am. I am like a silent horse running across the desert or along the ocean coastline… Melina is perhaps the only human creature who grasped the essence of me without even knowing it. Another girl, Chloe, French one but born in Greece, calls me Lumière (“light”). I call her by the same name 🙂


No tips

There’s seemingly no rule what day people give and when they do not give tips. Some days are good enough, but others very poor. I’ld call these last the Scrooge days.

Today was the Scrooge day. The young goodlooking and capricious French – daughters and sons of bourgeoisie de Paris – or else the blue-rinsed French women, they too capricious: here are two groups of people who never leave a penny at Mavrommatis. There were representatives of both today…



Today I’ve got 10 euros tips and gave 14,50 to the girls and one boy who helped me.

Toooo many people were eating and drinking today!



According to what the Mavrommatis’ clients love and eat and drink every time they come, I would give them the following names:

  • Mister Ouzo
  • Missis Mediterranean Sandwich and a Glass of Goumenissa
  • Mister Two Glasses of Retsina
  • Mister Octopus and Dolmades
  • Missis Stuffed Aubergine
  • Future mom Mrs. Three Souvlaki with A Lot of Rice
  • me: Mrs. Vegetarian Cypriote Sandwich